Services & Technical Capabilities

Reliable, timely and professional

StenographerOur personnel combine their years of experience with the industry-standard format, Computer-Aided Transcription (CAT), to produce highly-accurate transcripts.  From these digital files Tate & Tate can apply a wide range of technologies to process finished transcripts each ideally suited to the clients’ needs.  From paper-based transcripts…to condensed and/or indexed electronic files on disc… to the completely web-enabled Transcript Repository complete with exhibits, Tate & Tate delivers the most time-efficient solution for your individual requirements.

Online Transcript Repository for 24/7/365 Access!

Tate & Tate Online Transcript Repository uses web-based technology to allow you to access your transcripts and exhibits whenever… and from wherever… you like!  All of your case materials are maintained on a secure server in digital format so they are always available to you via the web.  You will spend less time searching for the materials you need and need far less space storing them.  It is just one more example of Tate & Tate’s commitment to providing the best possible service for our clients.

Realtime Reporting

This service enables an attorney to view verbatim testimony on a computer screen as it is spoken.  Marking text, searching for specific phrases, issue coding, and a host of other functions are accomplished with a simple keystroke.  This service is also excellent for providing multiple parties with instant remote access (via a web browser) to testimony for simultaneous review by off-site experts or counsel.  Our Certified Realtime Reporters can send realtime feeds to CaseViewNet, LiveNote, Summation, Bridge, and others.

Full or Condensed Transcripts and Word Indexes

In addition to our full transcripts, Tate & Tate offers condensed transcripts designed to save you valuable time and money in researching and digesting testimony.  A word index is provided with every transcript which alphabetically lists every word spoken in a deposition with its frequency and page and line location, making reference much easier and less time-consuming.

Web-Enabled Services

Our sophisticated technical infrastructure enables an unprecedented ability to work remotely, gaining you the flexibility to make the most efficient use of your time.  Web Deposition Streaming means you can conduct interactive depositions without incurring costly travel time and expenses…and you can do so without the delays and schedule conflicts that can bog you down.  Additional web-based services provide you with immediate access to rough deposition files, daily access to ongoing transcripts and the option of accepting full transcripts via e-mail.  Tate & Tate web infrastructure delivers realtime access so you can get what you need when you need it anytime…anywhere!

Custom Services

Tate & Tate is the complete solution to your court reporting and litigation support needs.  The last thing you want is to manage multiple services to get everything you require.  In addition to the core services listed above, we provide the scheduling and logistical support necessary to pull your case together, including: Document Scanning, Exhibits Hyperlinked to Text, Web-Based Deposition Scheduling, Logistical Support and Scheduling for Court Reporting Services Worldwide and more.


Our Video Services Include:

  • In-house videographers
  • Videotaping of depositions
  • Day-in-the-Life video production
  • Conversion to DVD and MPEG
  • Video-to-Text synchronization
  • Internet streaming of video and transcript